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Star Trac HumanSport Total Delts

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Star Trac has recently been re-branded as 'Nautilus' and so we are offering a selection of their end of line stock for unbeatable prices.  All equipment is still in its original packaging and ready for immediate free shipping to anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

This equipment has all the same quality and strength as Nautilus but without the Star Trac badge.

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Immediate dispatch. 

  • Multiple mid pulley shoulder options including: row rear deltoids, straight arms shoulder flexion, internal and external shoulder rotation. 
  • Numerous low pulley shoulder options including: sagittal and frontal plane lateral raises, frontal raises and shoulder flexion. 
  • Seated supported, seated unstable and standing positions can be utilized. 
  • Unilateral or bilateral use. 
  • Knee pad adjustment stabilizes users lifting heavy loads. 
  • Lock N Load weight selection. 
  • Machine requires some minor assembly.


  • W: 74cm.
  • L: 188cm.
  • H: 163cm. 

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All other orders - £4.95/£5.95*

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*Please keep in mind that although the machines are new and with their original packaging,asan older line, they don't come with a warranty*


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