Nautilus Inspiration® Pull Over

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Experience the iconic Nautilus pullover motion with the Inspiration line. Known as the "Squat of the upper body," this powerful machine, designed by Nautilus founder Arthur Jones, offers a full 250 degrees of shoulder rotation to target and strengthen your lats, pecs, and abs.

“Lock N Load®
Unlock the full potential of your workout with the intuitive Lock N Load® design. Just like flipping a light switch, the universally color coded switches engage and disengage the weight with ease. Say goodbye to unnecessary maintenance and customer service headaches as this innovative system eliminates the need for pins, making it safer, more durable, and maintenance free. Try it now and feel the difference with Nautilus Inspiration® Pull Over!

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  • Wrap-around gas assist seat adjust
  • Axis of rotation highlighted for precise user positioning
  • Offers 250 degrees of shoulder rotation
  • Lock N Load® weight selection
  • Lock N Load® incremental add-on weight system
  • Moving image lenticular instruction placard


  • W: 147 cm.
  • L: 147 cm.
  • H: 163 cm.
  • STACK WEIGHT: 91 kg.
  • OVERALL WEIGHT: 314 kg.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 355 kg.


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  • Structural frame not including coatings - limited 10 year warranty.
  • Major mechanical components (guide rods, plates, bearings, etc) - 5 years parts.
  • Minor mechanical components (plate switches, cables, grips, etc) - 1 year.
  • Upholstery - 6 months.