Nautilus Inspiration® Chest Press

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Experience the ultimate in strength training with the Nautilus Inspiration Strength® line. Our sleek and modern design captures the essence of natural human movement, while providing must-have updates to an already outstanding strength circuit. From the wrap around assisted seat adjustment to the Lenticular image placards, our machines are designed to make your workout easy and enjoyable. Get ready to be inspired by the power and effectiveness of Nautilus Inspiration.

“Lock N Load®
Easily select your desired weight with the intuitive Lock N Load® design. Using universally color-coded switches, the internal pin engages and disengages the weight, making it as simple as flipping a light switch on and off. This feature provides a safer and more durable operation, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance and reducing customer service headaches. Give yourself peace of mind with Lock N Load, with no pins to lose or replace.

  • Wrap-around gas assist seat adjust.
  • Unilateral motion.
  • Converging axis.
  • Right and left pre-stretch positioning.
  • Contoured upholstery with lumbar support.
  • Lock N Load® weight selection.
  • Lock N Load® incremental add-on weight system.
  • Moving image lenticular instruction placard.


  • W: 150 cm.
  • L: 109 cm.
  • H: 193 cm.
  • STACK WEIGHT: 109 kg.
  • OVERALL WEIGHT: 301 kg.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 331 kg.

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  • Structural frame not including coatings - limited 10 year warranty.
  • Major mechanical components (guide rods, plates, bearings, etc) - 5 years parts.
  • Minor mechanical components (plate switches, cables, grips, etc) - 1 year.
  • Upholstery - 6 months.

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