Nautilus Humansport® Freedom Trainer

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Experience the simplicity, intuition, and natural feel of the HumanSport Freedom Trainer - it's like a custom-built machine for each and every user! With seven cable-based machines and dual weight stacks, you can achieve a full body workout. Plus, our Master Instructors have designed programming to enhance your training even further. Make HumanSport a must-have addition to your facility.

Lock N Load Technology
Make weight selection effortless with the simple flip of a switch. Designed with intuitive Lock N Load technology, it's easy to use and visually appealing. Comparable to turning a light on and off, the universally color coded switches activate and deactivate weights using a built-in pin, ensuring a reliable and low-maintenance operation. Say goodbye to lost or broken pins with Lock N Load.

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  • Dual weight stacks for personalized or group training, as a standard configuration
  • User Feels Stack Weight Capacity: 2x 80 LB (2x 36 KG) at each handle through two, independent and enclosed weight stacks.
  • Cable drive system, user defined path of motion
  • Nine horizontal position options and 12 vertical position adjustment options
  • 3:1 ratio with 9.5 FT (289.5 CM) training space and 113 IN (287 CM) cable travel
  • Supporting both low and slow resistance and explosive movements
  • Integrated ballet bar to assist with stretching and stability
  • Standard accessories included: pair of hand grips, ankle strap, and padded bar
  • 12 pre-defined exercises with static placards, many more available
  • Easy access to guild rods from the front or rear shrouds
  • Flat back tower to be positioned against a wall, pillar, matching machines, or others in your functional training area(s)
  • Simple cable replacement procedures
  • Standard roller bearings replace plastic bushings for smoother rotation
  • Fits through a standard door frame for ease of install and transport
  • Open top design to visually inspect cables without having to remove shrouds
  • 3 floor bolt locations
  • Stainless steel wear plates 

Wheelchair Accessibility:

  • 3:1 cable ratio for low starting resistance
  • Weight stack utilizes Lock N Load switch technology for quick and easy weight selection even while seated
  • Easily adjustable, counter balanced pivot handles, even while in the seated position
  • Open design allowing for wheelchair access


  • W: 191cm – Arms Extended Left and Right 317cm.
  • L: 108cm.
  • H: 182cm – Arms Extended Vertically Up  234cm.
  • Stack Weight: 2x 36kg.
  • Overall Weight: 499kg.
  • Shipping Weight: 522kg.

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  • Structural frame not including coatings - limited 10 year warranty.
  • Major mechanical components (guide rods, plates, bearings, etc) - 5 years parts.
  • Minor mechanical components (plate switches, cables, grips, etc) - 1 year.
  • Upholstery - 6 months.