Nautilus Humansport® Total Delts

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HumanSport is designed to feel custom-built for each user, with seven cable-based machines and dual weight stacks providing a complete range of total body workouts. Through the guidance of our Master Instructors and the included programming, HumanSport is an essential addition to any facility, offering a simple, intuitive, and natural fitness experience.

  • Includes a foldaway seat for enhanced training options in the standing position.
  • Multiple mid pulley shoulder options including row, rear deltoids, straight arm. shoulder flexion, internal and external shoulder rotation.
  • Numerous low pulley shoulder options including sagittal and frontal plane lateral. raises, frontal raises and shoulder flexion.
  • Seated supported, seated unstable and standing positions can be utilized.
  • Unilateral or bilateral use.
  • Knee pad adjustment stabilizes users lifting heavy loads.

Wheelchair Accessibility:

  • 2:1 cable ratio for low starting resistance.
  • Weight stack utilizes LockNLoad switch technology for quick and easy weight. selection even while seated.
  • Fold away seat to allow for wheelchair access.
  • Accessory handles are optimally placed for easy access while in the seated position.


  • W: 74cm.
  • L: 198cm.
  • H: 163cm.
  • Stack Weight: 2 x 40kg.
  • Overall Weight: 273kg.
  • Shipping Weight: 357kg.

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