Nautilus Humansport® Lat Pulley

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HumanSport is designed to feel custom-made for every user, with its simple, intuitive, and natural design. With seven cable-based machines equipped with dual weight stacks, you can have a full range of total body workouts. Our Master Instructors have provided programming to maximize the power of HumanSport and make it an essential addition to any facility.

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  • Multiple pulling motions including frontal plane and sagittal plane pull, rotational pull and unilateral pull.
  • Drop-down seat for enhanced training options in the standing position.
  • Seated stable, seated unstable and standing positions can be utilized.
  • Unilateral or bilateral use.

Wheelchair Accessibility:

  • 2:1 cable ratio for low starting resistance.
  • Weight stack utilizes LockNLoad switch technology for quick and easy weight selection even while seated.
  • Fold away seat to allow for wheelchair access.
  • Accessory handles are optimally placed for easy access while in the seated position.
  • Knee pad adjustment stabilizes users lifting heavy loads.


  • W: 147cm.
  • L: 147cm.
  • H: 211cm.
  • Stack Weight: 2x 40kg.
  • Overall Weight: 298kg.
  • Shipping Weight: 351kg.

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  • Structural frame not including coatings - limited 10 year warranty.
  • Major mechanical components (guide rods, plates, bearings, etc) - 5 years parts.
  • Minor mechanical components (plate switches, cables, grips, etc) - 1 year.
  • Upholstery - 6 months.