Nautilus® Freedom Rack

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Experience true freedom of movement with the Nautilus® Freedom Rack. This revolutionary machine allows for natural and safe exercises by combining vertical and horizontal bar movement, mimicking the body's strength curve. With features like multiple bar rack safety catches and intuitive user placards, the Freedom Rack offers the best of both worlds - the safety of a Smith Machine and the diversity of a Power Rack. Discover the 20 detailed exercise explanations conveniently located within the unit and reach your fitness goals safely and effectively with every rep. Elevate your workouts with the Freedom Rack.

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  • Unique technology provides simultaneous bar movement both vertically and horizontally.
  • Unique design provides the safety of a Smith Machine with the exercise diversity of a Power Rack.
  • Multiple bar rack safety catches offer forward, rear and lower racking for enhanced safety.
  • Custom rotating 44 lb (20 kg) Olympic bar.
  • Intuitive user placards featuring 20 detailed exercise explanations are conveniently located within the unit.
  • Walk-through front design allows for the use of multiple benches.
  • Complete Olympic plate storage.
  • Integrated multi-grip pull-up station.
  • 500 lb (227 kg) max load capacity.
  • Rubber feet for floor protection.


  • W: 191 cm.
  • L: 211 cm.
  • H: 229 cm.
  • Stack Weight: N/A.
  • Overall Weight: 297 kg.
  • Shipping Weight: 376 kg.

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