Nautilus® 14 Station

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Discover the versatility of our Nautilus® 14 Station, designed for those who value a complete and intense workout experience with a limited space. Our innovative Multi-Stations combine essential and core elements from our strength lines, while maintaining a compact footprint. With features such as swiveling pulleys on the Lat Pull Down, Low Row and Triceps Press, as well as fully adjustable pulleys on the Cable Cross Over System, you can maximize your workout without sacrificing quality or space. Don't settle for ordinary equipment - choose the Nautilus® 14 Station for an inspiring and efficient workout.

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  • 3 Lat Pull Down with swivel pulleys.
  • 2 Triceps Press with swivel pulleys.
  • 3 Low Row with swivel pulleys.
  • 2 Fully adjustable cable cross over systems.
  • 2 Integrated pull-up stations.
  • Stabilization handles for balance and control.
  • Lock N Load® weight selection system.
  • Rubber feet for floor protection.
  • 5 lb incremental add on plates.


  • W: 1003 cm.
  • L: 387 cm.
  • H: 239 cm.
  • Stack Weight: LAT Pull Down / Low Row (135 kg) / Triceps Press (105 kg) / Cross Over  (2 X 52.5 kg).
  • Overall Weight: 2524 kg.
  • Shipping Weight: 2726 kg.

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