Bosu® Pro Balance Trainer - Club Pack


The BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer - Club Pack is a specialized training device that enhances balance, core stability, and proprioception. It seamlessly integrates into any fitness routine or can be used as a standalone tool. Incorporate a variety of movements such as walking, running, stepping, hopping, jumping, and leaping to take your workouts to the next level. With its proven effectiveness, the BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer - Club Pack is a must-have for any fitness class.

Maximum loading for a BOSU Balance Trainer is 300lb (136kg).


Comprises commercial grade BOSU & pump only. This model is made of a high grade material that is more durable than the standard consumer model.

Dimensions - (inflated) (L)67cm x (W)63.5cm x (H)25cm.


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