Bosu® Home Balance Trainer



Utilize BOSU Integrated Balance Trainer to walk, run, step, hop, and jump, while improving balance, core stability, and proprioception. This versatile training device can be incorporated into all fitness routines or used independently as a functional tool. Use it for sports conditioning, stabilization, agility training, and strength and flexibility training for the entire body, including the trunk. Each Home model includes a pump and an owner's manual, with a maximum loading capacity of 300lbs (136kg).


Endless exercise options for everybody regardless of age

Ability to be used both dome or platform side up. Hand positions integrated into the platform

Latex Free

This model is not suitable for commercial use. This model has been designed for home use only, and is not suitable for personal trainers, gyms or health clubs.

Dimensions: (W)63.5cm x (L)67cm x (H)25cm.  Diameter - 65cm


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All other orders - £4.95/£5.95*

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1 year home use


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